Hansen, Linda Seebauer – Intermediate Jewelry Design

Supply List

Students need to supply metal for projects. The following is a recommended list of possible metals to bring for the first day of class. Also, bring your project ideas! I will talk to you more about tools and equipment during class.

  • 20 gauge sheet metal – copper, bronze & sterling silver
  • 10 & 12 gauge rod – copper, brass or sterling silver
  • 18 & 20 wire – copper, brass or sterling silver
  • fine silver bezel wire 28 gauge; varying width
  • variety of tubing – copper, brass or sterling silver
  • Saw blades – #1or #1/O
  • Flexible Shaft Finishing and Polishing: abrasive disc with Mandel; rubber & abrasive wheels
  • Drill bits corresponding to wire or tube
  • Solder – hard, medium & easy (wire or sheet)
  • Sketch or notebook, pencil, scissors, and Sharpie®


The following items are great to have in your jeweler’s tool kit:

  • Adjustable saw frame
  • Forming pliers: flat nose, round nose, chain nose, flat & half round
  • Flush or super flush wire cutter
  • Universal straight blade shear
  • Decorative stamps
  • Center punch
  • Titanium or tungsten soldering pick
  • Fine tip or lock-back tweezer
  • Steel surface plate or bench anvil
  • Tube cutting jig
  • Wood ring clamp with leather jaws
  • 6″ file with handle: flat, half round or other shape (a rough cut like bastard or #00 + a medium cut like #1 or #2)
  • Needle file set (#1 or #2)
  • Rawhide + 1 lb or 2 lb brass mallets
  • Hammers: riveting, chasing, plashing, forming
  • Sheet and wire gauge
  • Safety glasses or face shield