Saathoff, Danny – Intermediate Jewelry Design

Intermediate Jewelry Design

Artist-Instructor: Danny Saathoff

Here is a list of materials commonly used by students in our class. This is in no way a complete list and you are not limited to these materials only, this is just a starting point. Do not feel like you need to order everything on this list. For example, you do not need to order all four options in the ring shank material category. One or two would be enough to get you moving forward. However, if you want to set stones, you should order bezel wire and the 20 gauge sheet.

If you don’t feel comfortable ordering materials yet, bring some ideas to the first class and we’ll choose materials together or email me directly and I’ll answer any questions you have,

Ring shank material:

Silver sheet:

Bezel material:

Silver round wire:

Silver square wire:


If you want to use stones in your work, Rio Grande has a huge selection and they’re pretty inexpensive but you don’t get to handpick the pieces. Veberod Gem Gallery near Ridgedale Mall has a nice selection and you get to select the stones. Until you get familiar with sizes and cuts, I think you’ll be happier paying a bit more at Veberod to choose your pieces individually.

Saw Blades:

I use Laser Gold blades from Rio Grande, size 1/0 (good, general purpose saw blades)