Turner, James – Travel Journaling

We will discuss different options for a Compact Travelling kit for journaling. I will have several kits and suggestions to share.

  • Bring your own painting and drawing supplies (we will discuss what will work best for them during the workshop)
  •  A ½ inch flat brush will be helpful, but whatever brushes you have will be ok.
  • For a journal, I would suggest a 9×12 (or any size you prefer) spiral-bound notebook with watercolor paper, cold press. I like Canson but have used Arches and Cheap Joe’s Kilimanjaro papers as well. You can buy tablets or sheets and have them cut and bound by print shops including Fed Ex for only a few dollars.
  • I would suggest a micron pen, 3 or 5, and I like to bring a few colored markers as well.
  • You can bring photos, but we will focus on sketching from life, as you would while traveling.