A Bit About Me

Anne Groton is a designer and photographer.  Photography is her divine wilderness for exploring this beautifully designed world.

DESIGNER:  With a Bachelor of Science degree in interior design from Colorado State University, Anne designed her way through retail store giants, Sears, Montgomery Ward and Target Stores.  From store layouts to fixture design to finish packages, her design skills widened and her enthusiasm swelled.

PHOTOGRAPHER:  With the gift of three beautiful sons and the opportunity to stay home with them, Anne’s appreciation of what is beautiful exploded and deepened her connection to people, places, and things.  Every photograph Anne takes brings both answers and questions.  The questions are what keep her clicking the shutter.

Anne exhibits her photography in juried art shows and licenses her images to home décor manufacturers and as stock photography.  She teaches photography composition and design to adults and middle school photographers.  For both her students and herself, Anne enjoys the intense challenge of photography and the anticipation of uploading images for that first peek!