In March, the Minnetonka Center for the Arts received a donation from a long-time student, Caroline Amplatz, to address serious roof issues. More than $500,000 was donated to fully fund a complete roof replacement for the nearly 20-year-old building, which will be completed in May.

The roof repairs have weighed heavily on the mind of the center’s executive director, Roxanne Heaton.

“The extreme generosity and compassion shown by Ms. Amplatz, literally brought me to tears,” Heaton said. “All of us here at the art center are so touched by what this means. I can hardly believe that by the end of May we can breathe easier and feel confident that we are caring for this incredible community asset. This gift solidifies our status as a self-sustaining nonprofit organization.”

Ceramics studio manager Lee Persell said, “The new roof allows me to focus on helping my students. Art is an expression of the soul. This new roof will shelter art-making activities for another 30 years.”

The center provides visual arts education for all ages, interests, and abilities at its location at 2240 North Shore Dr., Wayzata, and through its community outreach programs. For more info, visit

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