May 24 – June 20, 2019 Intake: Tuesday, May 14, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. (FIRM) Opening reception Thursday, May 236:00 – 8:00 p.m. Free and open to the public

From students to seasoned professionals, the 2019 Members’ Salon exhibits our members best work. Each artist is invited to exhibit up to 3 works as part of the Members’ Salon.

All exhibited art will be for sale. This is a wonderful opportunity to acquire original art!


All current members of the Minnetonka Center for the Arts are invited to exhibit up to three original artworks of their choice for inclusion in this popular exhibit. Membership may be renewed or initiated when delivering work. See the full details in the 2019 Members’ Salon Call for Entries (PDF).

Why must all work be for sale?

An installed exhibition of artwork feels natural and easy. There’s something almost self-evident about the way things are put together. Pounding some nails into the wall and setting things on pedestals just takes a minute, right?

Well, not quite.

By the time an exhibit has been arranged, installed, lit, labeled, opening-receptioned, insured, and promoted, a lot of work, time, and expense has been invested. Therefore, we restrict the NFS (not for sale) option to our Student Show (as a learning tool) and shows which feature borrowed or historical materials, such as the quilt shows. 

Admittedly this policy has the potential to eliminate some choice pieces from exhibits. Certainly, there are those special experimental or “best” pieces that an artist won’t be ready to sell…at least for a while. As an artist completes more work or reaches a new level in their work, they may make these pieces available for sale. However, many artists maintain a cache of “benchmark” works that are never shown or sold. Their purpose is fulfilled by remaining with their maker. This is perfectly natural and appropriate.

What is the difference between a Salon and a Juried Show?

Typically when we use the term “salon” it refers to the style of presentation, as in hung in a salon style. We alternate offering a Members’ Salon, where the artist selects what work they’d like to exhibit, with a Members’ Show, where pieces that are on exhibit have been selected by a jury or curator. Often a show will include fewer pieces, and thus can be hung more like a gallery or museum.

Why no saw-tooth picture hangers?

Sawtooth picture hangers do not hold the picture to the wall as securely as a wire sits in the deep crook of a picture hook. Pieces are too easily dislodged or even knocked off the wall. With a show as densely installed as our members’ shows, it is for the safety of every piece of artwork on display and to help prevent damage.

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