About Us

From its beginning more than sixty years ago, the purpose of the Minnetonka Center for the Arts has been to make the visual arts available and accessible to people of all ages, interests and abilities. We believe in the value of art making and art appreciation. Art not only transforms materials – wet clay and paint, blank paper and dusty stone, molten bronze and rusty metal – it transforms lives. We see it every day.

In the belief that the visual arts are indispensable to a healthy community, it is the mission of the Minnetonka Center for the Arts to provide teaching excellence, quality exhibitions and cultural enrichment for people of all ages, interests and abilities.

As a nonprofit community art center, we advance our visual arts mission on three fronts: classes, exhibits and outreach.


  • 500+ classes (avg.) each year
  • 3,500+ registrations (avg) each year
  • Multiple art forms and mediums
  • Beginner to advanced learners
  • Plus curator talks and other lectures


  • Always free and open to the public
  • Seven major gallery exhibits a year
  • Auxillary shows throughout facility
  • Partners in Art exhibits at Ridgedale
  • Most artwork available for purchase


  • Art experiences for underserved audiences to schools and work groups
  • Outreach programs touch thousands each year
  • More than 50 community partners (avg)

The visual language is universal and indiscriminate. Everyone benefits whether viewing or making art.

  • Art provides a healthy release of stress for working adults.
  • Art provides new careers or avocations and renewed sense of purpose after retirement.
  • Success with art projects builds confidence and spills over into schoolwork and other areas of children’s lives.
  • Children who engage in the arts develop above average social and academic skills.
  • Art improves quality of life and provides proven health benefits for seniors.
  • Art provides a sense of independence and chance for self-expression for adults with disabilities.
  • Art can draw seniors with memory loss out of isolation, stimulate memories, elicit emotions and create connections with loved ones.

Plan a visit to the Art Center to see an exhibit or watch a class in action.

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