Please note:  We are not hosting birthday parties at this time.

Birthday Parties

For ages 5 to 12*
Saturdays 1:30-3:30 pm

This year throw a memorable, creative party featuring a 75-minute, hands-on art-making experience followed by 45 minutes for cake, refreshments, and presents. Each child creates and takes home a one-of-a-kind work of art and happy, creative memories. There are many popular themes available. We’ll work with you on the party theme and specific activities for your special group.

[Printable birthday party brochure.]

The Art Center Provides

  • The artist-instructor
  • All materials
  • A clever activity with professional teaching
  • Supervision for the first 75 minutes

You Provide

  • Kids dressed for a mess
  • Party refreshments, cake, decorations, presents
  • Supervision for the last 45 minutes of the party

For maximum art-making fun, children should be dressed for a mess! The Art Center uses high-quality water-based materials, some of which may stain clothing. Wear older clothing that can get messy. Idea: As a fun pre-party activity, let the birthday child make art party cover-up for his or her friends by decorating old shirts, pillow cases or white T-shirts and adding guests’ names.

Party Fees

  • 1 – 10 Participants: $145 Members / $165 Non-members
  • 11 – 20 Participants: $270 Members / $300 Non-members
  • Extra charge for parties longer than 2 hours or larger than 20 participants.
  • Full payment due when the party is booked. Note: This is not a peanut-free facility

To Make Your Party Plans, Contact Us

*If you are interested in a party for an age not in this range, contact Nicole to talk about what we can do!

Birthday Party Themes

Ages 5-7

Marvelous Masks and Magical Hats!

Come create a birthday disguise! This party includes making a hat and mask with glitter, markers, paper, feathers, and other fun, wacky materials. Parents won’t know who’s masquerading under all the creative camouflage.

Put on a Puppet Show!

Do you like to perform for your friends and family? You and your friends will create a cast of stick puppets and even a stage to put on a play for your parents. Using a variety of materials, you’ll sculpt, paint and do all kinds of art.

Many Ways to Paint!

Can you imagine how many different ways there are to paint? This birthday project may have you painting with string, tissue paper, coffee filters, soap, straws, sponges or fingers. This is big creative fun and everyone takes home a colorful masterpiece.

Cool Cats & Crazy Critters!

Do you love books? Discover the fantastic illustrations of imaginary animals and characters in popular books. Using these images as inspiration, you can draw, paint and collage to create your own fantastic creatures, critters and characters.

Underwater World!

Do you like sea creatures and imagining a life underwater? This birthday event will help you create your own imaginary watery world using paint, drawing and collage materials. You can also invent and decorate your own artistic aquarium

Ages 8-9

Masters of the Art Universe!

Come learn about and create art like the Masters. Vincent Van Gogh, Georges Seurat, Salvador Dali and Henri Matisse are just a few of greats that birthday guests may learn about. Take cues from their style or create your own and become a “Master” yourself.

Toons and Tales!

Would it be fun to create your own comic characters? Make birthday memories and learn how to draw caricatures of your family or friends and develop your own cartoon characters. Have fun and create a funny cartoon story with characters you’ve designed.

Party with Paint!

If you love color and the happy mess of painting, celebrate your birthday with your choice of waterbased, tempera or acrylic paints, learning real art techniques to build your artistic skills. Everyone takes home a masterpiece.

Jewelry Making!

Bracelets, rings or earrings will be made during this birthday bash! Using an assortment of beads, wire and findings, you’ll create your own beautiful jewelry. The only requirement is that you bring your fashion sense and creativity.

Picasso – Drawing to Painting!

Have you seen some of the wacky portraits by Pablo Picasso? This is your chance to create a vivid original masterpiece by learning some simple drawing and painting techniques inspired by Picasso and his unique perspective on life.

Ages 10-12

Mod Squad Art Big & Bold!

Make art like the“Mod Squad.” Looking at art by Georgia O’Keefe, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Faith Ringgold, Roy Lichtenstein or other modern artists, find inspiration and ideas to make your own big, bold, beautiful art!

Comic Cartooning Crack-up!

Do you love the Whimpy Kid books? Like to doodle? Spend your birthday with a cartoon artist and learn how to design characters. Celebrate with your best buddies and have epic fun creating your own comic strips.

Expressive Painting!

Working in the birthday child’s favorite medium (watercolors, oil pastels, tempera paints or acrylics), your group can learn and have fun painting like professional artists.

Fashion Frenzy!

Would you like a birthday of pure fashionista fun? Using imagination and style savvy, you and your friends will have a blast designing and creating fabulous one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories during this birthday bash!

Printmaking Pizzazz!

Spend your special day creating a whole collection of artwork. Have fun learning about texture,crazy different printmaking methods and create a masterpiece to multiply. There will be lots and lots of art to show off after this party