We offer classes for skill levels in a variety of techniques including handbuilding and potter’s wheel. 

Cone 10 Kiln

We fire our Cone 10 Kiln at least weekly, creating between 200-400 finished pieces of ceramic artwork each week. It is a 4-day process. Day 1 the kiln is loaded. Day 2 fired (at temperatures over 2,300°). Day 3 it cools. Day 4 unloaded!

Cone 10 Soda Kiln

We fire our Cone 10 Soda Kiln about every five weeks. Because of the soda process, the kiln shelves, etc. need to be ground down between firings. This is a labor-intensive process and prohibits frequent firings. The firing process requires overnight monitoring and the addition of soda during the firing to help create the unique glazing effects this type of firing produces.


Raku firing is a quick-fire process (same day). Raku fired pottery is only suitable for looks (you can eat or drink from this type of finished piece).

Electric Kilns

We have four Electric Kilns that are used for earthenware, mid-range (Cone 6), and additional Cone 10 pieces. We have a variety of glazes suitable for each type of kiln project.


“A welcoming place to develop your artistic vision”

Note to all ceramic Students

Do you have a stain or glaze you’d like to try? Please be sure to ask the ceramics studio manager, Lee Persell, if the product (clay, stains, glazes, wax, etc.) can safely be used in the studio.

Attention new ceramics students

Bring a towel and wear clothes that can get muddy. Clay and tools are available for purchase at the Art Center (items and descriptions online). During your first class, your instructor will show you what you need. These materials are not included in the class price unless stated. Firing fees are extra and purchased when needed and are based on the size of your finished piece(s).

Cone 10 Reduction Kiln

Top: Loading (Day 1)
Bottom: Ready for unloading (Day 4)


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