The following artworks were selected for the 2018 Members’ Juried Show.

Congratulations on having participated in this process! Whether or not your work is selected, entering shows is an important part of developing your confidence as an artist and honoring the results of your efforts in the studio.

Remember to attend the Opening Preview on Thursday, May 24, 6 to 8 pm!

Linda Adams, End of the Trail for the Intemperate Temperance
Gingie Anderson, Shallow Bowl
Terry Ankeny, Wyoming
Terry Ankeny, Minnesota
Deborah Barce, Platter
Deborah Barce, Vase
Sandy Baron, Favorite Shoes Runner
Susan Batchelder, Forever After
Susan Batchelder, Urban Grace
Carl Beihl, Skid Marks
Anne Bendt, Kid Time
Paul Bohman, Untitled #2
Lowell N Brandt , Sojourn to Sierra
Becky Breckenridge, Quiet Time with Grandpa
Maryalice Brenk, Lounge Lizard
Maryalice Brenk, Spiny Norman
Beth Burgan, Impressions
Catherine Callahan, Now, What?
Andrea Canter, Lady Clarion
Kathleen Carey, So Listen Carefully
C Carruthers, There’s No Way
C Carruthers, There’s No Time
C Carruthers, There’s No Problem
John Case, Canvasback Courtship
Mark Caselius, Ape
Krissy Catt, Sea Foam
Krissy Catt, Sea Life
Alex Chin, Sentinel #4
Tara Clark, Koi Pond, Coy Duck
David Coats, Mischief
Leo Collins, Grandma’s Barn
Kate Conley, Summer Reading
Linda Croteau, Slew
Linda Croteau, Waiting
Beth Culp, Big Island I
Catherine DeMars, Meditation
Nima Desai, Midnight Sun
Nima Desai, Escalante Waterfalls
Mary Deziel, Cruising on the Rhone near Lyon
Mary Deziel, Glacier Bay
Mary Deziel, Afternoon near Minnehaha Falls
Janet Donaldson, Places and Spaces
Janet Donaldson, Spaces and Places
Beth Dorsey, Wear & Tear II
Beth Dorsey, Wear & Tear III
Kathe Drake, Treasures of Darkness
Kathe Drake, Regal
Wendy Egan, Sunset on Superior
David Eijadi, Havana Man
David Eijadi, Key West Women
Linda Ferguson, Bronze Green Casserole
Cynthia Fleury, Tuscan Trees
Cynthia Fleury, Abandoned DeSoto
Michele Frahm, Spring Bloom
Elizabeth M Franklin, Pensive
Suzanne Galloway, Dancing Light VII
Trish Gardiner, Peaceful
Jim Geisinger, Holy Man
Jim Geisinger, Mii @ III
Jim Geisinger, Grader
Robert Grider, Rising Sun
Robert Grider, Evening Tea
Pratibha Gupta, Black Hat Lamp
Bonnie Hagelberger, A Window with a Past
Sally Hauser, Flower Power
Tom Hessel, Evening Shadows
Tom Hessel, Midway Madonna
Tom Hessel, The Persistence of Life
Lisa Galbraith Heyl, A Mellifluous Muse
Lisa Galbraith Heyl, Firebird
Lisa Galbraith Heyl, Artemis
Run-Hong Hibbs, Urban
Bryan Holland, Fisher
Bryan Holland, String Cycle
Penne Holt, Catalonian Spring
Sonja Hutchinson, Signs of Life
Jim Jahoda, The Great Grey
Mic Johnson, Cities #7
Nona Johnstone, Leaving Bowen Island
Jon Kamrath, Little Green House
Jon Kamrath, Standing Tall
Arlene B Kennedy, Water Creatures
Arlene B Kennedy, Oh No!
Nancy L Kolacke , Wetland Sunset
Linda Kollofski, Clematis Wool Jersey Dress
Kevin H Komadina, Coffee Break
Kevin H Komadina, San Juan Bautista
Kevin H Komadina, Shade
Cheryl Krause, The Edge
Mary Lacer, Half a Peck of Apples
Mark Laub, Winged Scarab – Through the Looking Glass
Mark Laub, Synchronicity
Kerstin Lee, The Beauty of Diversity
Yuliya Leving, Clock of Curious Times
Yuliya Leving, Fall
Nicole Malinis, Float
Dianne Merten, Evening at Frontenac State Park
David Metzger, Vase
Chichi Miller, Surprise
Chichi Miller, Glacier’s 1st Snow
Chichi Miller, Lasso Stallion
Sharon Miller-Thompson, Everbloomers
Hetty Mitchell, Big Boy
Wendi Jennings Moffly, LA Arboretum
Carl Nanoff, Rigid Framework
Judd Nelson, Snappy II
Kathleen Nerud , The Farmer’s Wife
Polly Norman, Double Dancer
Mary L Olson, Speckled Tanager
Suzanne Olson, Ishi Bowl
Suzanne Olson, Articulated Ceramic
Mary Anne O’Malley, Arb Espalier
Dorothy Osterman, Music
Denise Pasmanter, Teapot
Denise Pasmanter, Celadon Bowl
Denise Pasmanter, Vase
Marcia Paul, Round Bucket
Diane Pearson, Radish
Diane Pearson, Autumn Leaves II
Tammi Pederson, Confetti Necklace
Tammi Pederson, Amazonite Earrings
Pam Prosser, Rep Weave Table Runner
Katharine Robinson, Dragon Lilies
Bonnie M Ronning, Reflections
Bonnie M Ronning, Bridalveil Falls
Terry Saario, High Plains Milky Way
Constance Saunders, Cluck-Baa-Moo
Alan Shefland, Shapes of Water #3
Alan Shefland, Shapes of Water #2
Mariana Shulstad, Mexican Spiders
M Stewart-Murphy, Pat, Sublime in Ecuador
Sharon Stillman, Untitled
Sharon Stillman, Untitled
Sharon Stillman, Untitled
Charley Streiff, The Windowbox
Skip Sturtz, Asleep for a New York Minute
Skip Sturtz, It Finds Its Way
Tamara Sweere, Love Again
Matt Swenson, Eastman
Matt Swenson, After Burner
Rachel Traynham, Flower Teapot
Sally Wagner, Adam at the Walker
Nancy Webert, Simple Pleasures
Nancy Webert, Big Brother
Nancy Webert, Up North
Art Weeks, Winter Farm Stubble
Betty Ann Wiens, Purple Pansies
Donna Winberg , Coil and Slab Bowl
Donna Winberg, Lidded Jar
Donna Winberg, Pair of Ikebana Cubes
Leo Winstead, The Summit
David Yantos, Shapes

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