Why no NFS (Not for Sale)?

An installed exhibition of artwork feels natural and easy. There’s something almost self-evident about the way things are put together. Pounding some nails into the wall and setting things on pedestals just takes a minute, right?

Well, not quite.

By the time an exhibit has been arranged, installed, lit, labeled, opening-receptioned, insured, and promoted, there’s a lot of effort, time and expense invested. It would take several sales from a show to just break even for the Art Center. Therefore, we restrict the NFS option for all but our Student Show and the rare exhibit, such as with the historical quilt show.

Admittedly this policy has the potential to eliminate some choice pieces from exhibits. Certainly, there are those special, experimental, or “best” pieces that an artist won’t be ready to sell.

Why no saw-tooth picture hangers?

A saw-tooth picture hanger resting on a nailhead does not hold a picture on the wall as securely as a wire sitting in the deep crook of a picture hook. The risk of being dislodged or even knocked clear off the wall (which, sadly, has happened in our gallery) is too great. With a densely installed show, like our student or member show, a piece leaving the wall is not only in danger of being damaged, it also presents a danger to nearby pieces on its way down. Installation of artwork is a community undertaking, and we request proper hanging hardware for the sake of your work, as well as the other exhibitors.

Screw-eyes, or even better, D-rings are easily attached to the back of most frames using just a hand drill and pliers, so your work can have a hanging wire for secure presentation.

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