Metal clay is a crafting “clay” composed of small particles of metal and an organic binder. When fired, the organic binder burns away, leaving a pure metal object. This process is called “sintering.” The metal can be silver, gold, bronze, or copper.

Metal clay can be shaped and molded like any soft clay, using your hands, molds, stamps, etc. You can add gemstones and other objects to your creation. Silver metal clay is even suitable for enameling after it is fired.

This is a fun medium for someone looking to try something new. It is easy to work with. And it is easy for all ages to create something cool from metal clay. This is the perfect medium for those who like the look of silver, but don’t want to deal with saws and drills.

Images below show samples of work by Sarah Bober who teaches a variety of metal clay classes and workshops.

copper metal clay
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