Anderson, Scott Lloyd – Beginning and Intermediate Oil Painting


I appreciate how purchasing all of this represents quite an investment, but I presume you’ll paint enough to use them! Be sure to have at least Titanium White, ivory black, and the three primary colors. A Cadmium Medium Yellow, a Cadmium Medium Red and a Blue, substitute Ultramarine if Cobalt is too expensive for you. I highly recommend Cadmium Orange, Alizarin Crimson and Manganese or Cerulean Blue as well.

Please order online NOW so it arrives in time for class, and for you to play around with them a little.

Retail Dick Blick’s or Michaels or Hobby Lobby are WAY WAY more expensive than online.

Online best prices:,, or

Brushes: A variety of sizes. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, up to 12s. Flats preferable, but filberts will do. Brights (short) to medium bristle length. 

Colors: Buy the cheapest ”student” grade you can. Buy big 200 ml tubes of black, white, and the 3 primary colors. 37 ml tubes of the others.

Panels: 8 x 10s, 9 x 12s, 11 x 14 up to 12 x16.” At least three of each. Pre-primed canvas boards, Frederix canvas boards are fine. A pad of canvas sheets in any of the sizes above is handy too.

Palette and wet paint carrier:  Consider the palette your desk, your laptop, your workspace, your office. Much of your thinking and exploring will be done on this surface. Needs to be mobile, like the palette in a french easel. You may also scrape your leftover paint into a tupperware container you can cover to reuse the paint. It’ll stay useable for a few days. A good product is the Masterson Sta-Wet Palette Seal (Jerry’s website). It’s a plastic box with a lid to keep your paints after class, and use as a palette.


  • wet panel carrying box, as big as the biggest panels you have.
• mixing cup and 3 medium-sized palette knives
  • some kind of tight-lid brush washer (Talenti plastic ice cream cups can work)
  • 1 qt. (at least) Turpenoid or Gamsol odorless solvent (not Turpenoid Natural, which is used only as a brush cleaner, not as a medium)
  • any refined linseed oil
• paper towels & small disposable bags for garbage
• baby wipes
• optional; disposable latex or nitryl gloves
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September 1, 2023