France, Eileen – Pastel Landscape

  • PASTELS – 60 or more
    Mix hard and soft pastels. Nupastels are a good hard pastel. Softer pastels suggested are Rembrandt, Unison, Girault or Schminke. Any others you have should be fine. Hobby Lobby has an inexpensive set if you are a beginner. Buy the most you can.
  • PASTEL PENCILS – two or three for sketch. I use dark blue.
  • PAPER – Canson Mi-Teintes pastel paper – grey or tan – 6 sheets
    I use various pastel papers for almost all my work , but it is more expensive.
  • FOAM-CORE – 2 pieces – to protect artwork
  • MASKING TAPE – preferably black. Make sure it is easy to remove from paper.
  • BOARD – Firm surface to attach paper to and give support. I use either corkboards or gatorboard.
  • GLASSINE – Used to protect work while transporting.
  • WIPES – To clean hands.
  • CAMERA – To take photo of your work as you go along.
  • PHOTOS – You may bring photos YOU HAVE TAKEN to work from if you prefer. Do not bring any published photos.
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June 20, 2019