Creger, Kathy – Botanical Art / Minnesota School of Botanical Art Watercolor


PLEASE NOTE: The Arches hot press 140-pound watercolor paper is the only specific “MUST HAVE” item! Any of the brushes listed below are fine, the Princeton Velvet Touch being the least expensive.

You may bring the painting and drawing supplies you already have – there is no need to buy all new supplies. HOWEVER, if you would like to supplement your painting supplies in a way that’s conducive to painting botanicals, here are some suggestions:

Watercolors: one tube each, Daniel Smith brand:

  • Lemon Yellow (cool)
  • Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue (warm)
  • Ultramarine Blue (cool)
  • Cerulean Blue – NOT Cerulean Blue Chromium – (warm)
  • Permanent Alizarin Crimson (cool)
  • Cadmium Red Medium Hue (warm)
  • Imperial Purple

(Note: if you already have watercolors, bring them and we’ll try to make them work)


Round Brushes: Size 2 or 3 Raphael Series 8404 OR Winsor Newton Series 7 OR Princeton Velvet Touch Size 4 Round

(Note: some sable brushes are in short supply so you may substitute the Princeton brand. If you find the Raphael or Winsor Newton Series 7, they are the best.)



  • 1 sheet 140 lb hot press Arches watercolor paper, cut in quarters
  • Scrap paper for testing colors
  • Tracing paper



  • sketch pad for notes
  • pencils: F, 2H, 4H, 2B
  • kneaded eraser
  • small white plastic palette for mixing colors – 10 wells (this is a MUST)
  • lid for palette, or plastic bag, to protect paints
  • white 6” plate (old dinner plate) to mix colors
  • artist low-tack tape
  • paper towels – Viva
  • 12” ruler
  • 2 small containers for water (small yogurt containers work)



  • Winsor Newton masking fluid
  • Hunt Globe 513EF nib and nib pen holder
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June 30, 2019