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Drawing is the basis for many forms of art, as well as a satisfying end in itself. The goal of this course is to help students develop a drawing practice with which visual experiences can be comfortably recorded and expressed.

Using a variety of drawing media we will cover a new topic each week. These include experimenting with mark making, contour drawing, positive and negative spaces, tonal values, the effects of light, texture, composition, and perspective. As subject matter we will use arranged and unarranged still life set-ups, interior scenes, exterior perspective, the proportional study of the human figure and landscapes.

Practice, discussion and critique will be a part of the learning process.  One learns to draw and learns to see by making drawings – lots of drawings! They don’t even need to be beautiful or finished drawings – just lots of them! This class will give you the opportunity to do this!



  • Drawing pad – 18” x 24”
  •  Sketchbook – 11” x 14” or any comfortable size

Drawing media

  • Pencils (range – 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B)
  • Soft vine charcoal
  • 1-2 sticks compressed charcoal, soft
  • 1-2 charcoal pencils
  • Conte crayons – (1 each – black, white)
  • India ink – (watercolor brushes – thin and thick)
  • Black felt-tip pen

Drawing tools

  • kneaded eraser
  • white rubber eraser
  • ruler
  • pencil sharpener or knife
  • smudging tool


  • Viewfinder: cut 2”x3” hole into a piece of cardboard or thick paper
  • Large clips to hold drawing paper on drawing boards provided at Art Center
  • Masking tape
  • plastic tray/palette for ink
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June 10, 2019