Neuse, Jon – Making the Perfect Collage


A One-Day Workshop at Minnetonka Center for the Arts

with artist Jon Neuse  •





Collage materials:  Bring any materials you may want to use to make your collages.

Be careful to limit the number and types of materials you do bring.  Too many choices of materials can lead to a frustrating experience. Examples of materials are noted below.*

Base Paper: Strathmore 300 Series Bristol Pad (Vellum Surface) 20 sheets 11” x 14” (we can cut this paper down to the sizes you want to work with.)

Cutting Utensils: Good scissors, pinking shears, wallpaper knives, Exacto knives

Cutting surface:  Self-healing cutting board

Straight Edge or ruler for tearing and measurement

Glues:  Mat (not glossy) acrylic gel, glue sticks, Tacky Glue, Gorilla glue for heavier objects

Water container and paper towels

Studio materials: A variety of inexpensive brushes for gluing


*Colored construction papers, any paper materials you can cut or tear, photos (original, scanned, photo-copied), magazines, posters, books, newspapers, music papers, lace, other fabrics, wood, found objects, string, ribbon, etc.  Anything that can be glued onto other papers. etc.  Other materials you may also want on hand: watercolors, ink, acrylics, butcher paper for a palette, pastels, pencils

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Posted on

June 7, 2019