Reynolds, William – Illustration (all)


Choose watercolor or colored pencil or a combination of the two. You are free to choose your own specific materials for either media based on personal preference. By all means, use the brushes, paper, paints and drawing materials that you prefer.

Basic materials list for all:

  • Relevant Ideas & subject matter (concepts and/or photo reference)
  • Sketchbook or sketch paper
  • Pencils
  • Kneadable eraser
  • Masking or artist’s tape
  • Straight edge

If using watercolors:

  • Watercolor paper or board of your choice. (suggested:22″ x 30″)
  • Watercolor brushes – your choice.
  • Plastic Tray(s) for mixing colors
  • A range of Watercolor paint colors (tubes)
    Note: If unsure, Winsor & Newton tubes are great, especially the “Winsor” colors such as “Winsor Red”
  • Scrap drawing or other paper for testing colors
  • Water container (reasonably large) for brush cleaning
  • Optional:
    • Waterproof Higgins or Pelican Black India ink
    • steel pen nibs and holders
    • black fine point Sharpie pens

If using colored pencil:

  • A range of individual colored pencils or a set (Prismacolor brand recommended).
  • Colored drawing paper (your choice).

Provided by instructor:

  • Transfer paper.
    • Layout paper (translucent, for preliminary drawings) or bring your own.
    • Tracing paper (for preliminary drawings).
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June 6, 2019