Thompson, Tracie – Drawing with Dramatic Light

  • Pastel Pencils, 1 each of:
    • CarbOthello
    • 100 Titanium White
    • 750 Neutral Black
    • 625 Burnt Umber
    • 620 Burnt Ochre
  • 1 kneaded eraser
  • 1 drawing board with clip
  • Colored paper — can be a sketchbook such as Strathmore’s Toned Tan or Toned Gray, Canson’s Earthbound Sketch, Mi-Teintes sheets of your choice, or just about anything as long as it’s a middle tone, anything from “brown paper bag” to a few shades lighter. The main requirement is that it must be dark enough for white pencil work to show up on it pretty well.

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June 1, 2019