Weisensel, Sophia – Portrait Painting


I will be demonstrating and working in oil for this class! Acrylic is also welcome. However, if you were thinking of taking a step into oils, this is a great time to do so. Below is my list of recommended supplies, if you have any questions please feel free to email me: sweisenselart@gmail.com

Week 1
The first week I will discuss approaching the portrait, then we will draw. Please bring supplies according to that, I have sent my drawing recommendation list but an eraser, a sketchbook, and a few different weights of pencils will be just fine for our purposes.

Week 2

  • Surfaces- I like Artefex Panels from Wet Paint for oil paint. They are a little spendy but great surfaces to work on. If you have a surface you like to work on, but are unsure if it will suit this class, please bring it to the first class and we can discuss it.
  • A medium sized canvas will be best. We will spend a lot of time perfecting this one piece, and we will work slowly in layers to best learn how to approach the portrait.
  • Palette or palette paper
  • Please bring a variety of soft paintbrushes and containers for your solvents- oil and gamsol for oil solvents is what I prefer.
  • Rags- I like to use shop towels- blue paper towels you can purchase at home depot, amazon, etc. if you prefer cloth rags that is fine, as long as they do not shed.
  • Gloves- up to you!
  • Paint- For the second week you will only need a burnt sienna color (shown below) and possible white.

Week 3- end

Bring all your paint!

Here are my color recommendations.

Because of the variety of mediums and brands I am showing swatches. If you do not wish to buy each of these tubes that is understandable. What you absolutely do need is a warm
transparent earth tone (burnt sienna on my list) White paint, black paint, blue paint, yellow paint, red paint. We can mix from there.

I will be using all of these colors below for my demonstrations.

  • White paint- titanium, flake, whatever you prefer
  • Burnt Sienna- transparent brown/ orange
  • Flesh Ochre, (Old Holland) a brighter red than Burnt Sienna
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Cold Black, (or ivory black and ultramarine blue mixed in class)

These colors below are what I like to use as the portrait develops, you can also mix for some of these

  • Terre Verte- Earth Green (Old Holland brand)
  • Cadmium yellow or similar bright yellow
  • Cadmium Red
  • Alizarin Crimson
  • Ultramarine Blue
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April 26, 2019