February 7 – March 5, 2020

Opening Preview on February 6, 6 – 8 p.m.
Bring a potluck dish to share!
Free and open to the public

The Student Show illustrates the creativity, skill, and inspiration that unfold in our studios every day. You will see work by new students who are exhibiting for the first time. Additionally experienced students will display the mastery they’ve achieved after years of practice. You will see what you could learn after a few classes at the Art Center, as well as get a sense of where your artistic pursuits could take you.

Exhibiting in a professional gallery setting is an important part of the artistic learning process. Each year this show reminds us of the power, potential, and importance of the visual arts in our lives.

Since each exhibitor selects what they will display, The Student Show feels both personal and universal. We see pieces inspired by travels, family, and personal interests, as well as classic figure drawings and landscapes that any art student would recognize as an essential part of an arts education.

Come see what attracts people to our studios and keeps them coming back. It might even help you find the perfect class for your own artistic journey.

The exhibit includes painting, sculpture, textiles, works on paper, ceramics, fused glass, jewelry, and photography produced in MCFTA classes during the 2019 calendar year.


145 Exhibiting Students

Thomas Alberg
Kathy Albrecht
Josh Altman
Wendy  Andersen
Jackie Anderson
Lorenzo Ariza
John Banks
Deborah Barce
Sandy M Baron
Linda Bean
Mike Bigalke
Paul Bohman
Howard Bolter
Robert Bowman
Jill Bowman-Cashman
Mary S Brandshaug
Maryalice Brenk
Barbara Bujold-Martinez
Peter P Bundy
Christi Bystedt
Rebecca Cafferata
Andrea Canter
Linda Carter
Katie Childress
David Coats
Risa Cohen
Carolyn Cole
Cinda Columb
Sandra  Cowing
Stephanie Danek
Daniel Deikel
Janet Donaldson
Sandra Dower
Peg DuBord
Nancy Ebner
Raelee Edgar
Barbara Elder
Priscilla Elwell
Thomas E Enebo
Linda Ferguson
Jean Flynn
Stuart Fogel
Martha Francis
Elizabeth  Franklin
Tatyana Fridman
Judy Fulk
Cristina Garrasi
Jan Pieter Gasterland
Audrey Goldfarb
Jane Goodrich
Bob Grider
Anne Groton
Anna T Gustafson
Bonnie Hagelberger
Lisa Hanson
Frank Hanson
Doug  Hanson
Diane Howard Hass
Sally Hauser
Carla Jacobson
Laurie Jaramillo
Barbara Jeffries
Kathleen M Jewett
Nancy Johnson
Jason Jordan
Joel Kaplan
Judy Larson
Mary Larson
Kerstin Lee
Diane Lempke
Tarand Leonard
Warren Liebenow
Amy Lietzan
Pam Lillich
Mary Lincoln
Deborah Luedtke
Jon Maakestad
Karen Madson
Louise Magnuson
Judy Mandile
Christopher Marshall
Bobbie McMonagle
Geoffrey A Miller
Nancy B Miller
Tanya Miller
Wendi Jennings Moffly
Missy Moore
Susan Keith More
Elizabeth  Moser
Kathleen Nerud
Ellen Olson
Mary L Olson
Joan Knight Orozco
Shari Parsons
Sandra Pasmanter
Marcia Paul
Diane Pearson
Britta Peterson
Melinda Pfohl
Michelle Plombon
Larry Poole
Marti Priest
Pam Prosser
Karen Rathke
Linda Reber
Patricia Reinert
Frederick Richter
Suzy Robertson
Diane Robinson
Katharine Robinson
Bonnie Ronning
Michelle Rothwell
Georgiana Ruzich
Terry Saario
Laun Sanderson
Robert Savage
Kurt Scheurer
Sandy Setterholm
Sherry Sheahan
Alan Shefland
Peg Shroyer
Chris Slack
Jen St Cyr
Marilyn Stewart-Murphy
Jennifer Stice
Charley Streiff
Mike Sulser
Monika Szilagyi
Vicki Thompson
David Tomlinson
Rachel Traynham
Sue Turbenson
Louise D Turkula
Judy Vars
Patricia Vaurio
Angelina Wagner
Sally Wagner
Louise Wahl
Kyla Wahlstrom
Patricia Williams
Lynda Wilson
Donna Winberg
Steve Wright
Nancy Zinter
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