Hutchinson, Sonja – Watercolors with Texture / Adventures in Watermedia Supply List


Creating the textures and underpaintings in this workshop is messy.
Please wear old painting clothes and bring disposable gloves.

You will likely have most of these supplies on hand. Acrylic mediums may be new to you and these can be shared with friends attending together.


  • One full sheet or 4 quarter sheets of 140# watercolor paper (11 x 15″ each)
    • I prefer Arches as it holds up well to these processes.
    • If you have paper on a watercolor block, that will work as well.
  • Paper towels, Kleenex or napkins
  • Old newspapers to protect work surface

Your regular watercolor paints (tubes or liquid)

Acrylic Mediums

These items are found in the acrylics section at art and craft stores.

  • Matte Medium – you’ll need approximately 4 oz.
  • White gesso – 4 – 6 oz.

Brushes and mark making tools

  • Your regular painting brushes
  • One old ½ – 1 inch brush you can use for mixing acrylic media and scrubbing
  • Sponges, scrapers, old credit cards, bubble wrap, rollers, stencils, stamps or other materials on hand.

Drawing Materials

  • Sketchbook, Transfer paper such as Saral, clear acetate such as Dura-Lar sheets
  • Pencils and black markers for quick value sketches


  • Gallon size plastic tub (recycled ice cream buckets work well for this)
  • Wide mouth container with lid (deli containers work well)
  • Your regular watercolor containers
  • Mist Spray bottle

Your reference material

  • 4-6 images you may want to incorporate into your textured surfaces
  • Contour drawings work well with this process
  • Sketches, themes or concepts to explore.


  • A support surface slightly larger than your paper
  • Ruler, scissors, masking tape, snap cutter (from the hardware store)
  • Enthusiasm and a sense of adventure.
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June 15, 2019