Hutchinson, Sonja – Organic Under Texture in Watercolor


Creating the textures and underpaintings in this workshop is messy.
Please wear old painting clothes .

You will likely have most of these supplies on hand.


  • One full sheet or 4 quarter sheets of 140# watercolor paper (11 x 15″ each)
    • I prefer Arches as it holds up well to these processes.
    • If you have paper on a watercolor block, that will work as well.
  • Paper towels, Kleenex or napkins
  • Old newspapers to protect work surface

Your regular watercolor paints (tubes or liquid)

Brushes and mark making tools

  • Your regular painting brushes
  • Sponges, scrapers, old credit cards

Drawing Materials

  • Sketchbook
  • Tracing paper
  • Pencils and black markers for quick value sketches


  • Quart- or gallon-size plastic tub  (recycled ice cream buckets work well for this)
  • Your regular watercolor containers
  • Mist Spray bottle

Your reference material

  • 4-6 images you may want to incorporate into your textured surfaces
  • Contour drawings work well with this process
  • Sketches, themes or concepts to explore.


  • A support surface slightly larger than your paper
  • Ruler, scissors, masking tape, snap cutter (from the hardware store)
  • Enthusiasm and a sense of adventure.
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June 15, 2019